Madame Gigi's French Cancan Dancers

Scandalously Sensational. Flirtatiously Fantastic!

Now Accepting 2019 and 2020 Festival Bookings

Scandalously Sensational! Flirtatiously Fantastic!

Now Accepting 2019 and 2020 Festival Bookings


Madame Gigi’s Outrageous French Cancan Dancers have been delighting audiences in Dayton and other parts of the Midwest since 1999.

The Cancan is the ultimate “extreme sports” of the dance universe. The dance is an athletic sprint from beginning to end, punctuated by high kicks, flying petticoats, and individual displays of dance prowess. You’ll see for yourself why this dance was outlawed in Paris in older days, when a glimpse of a lady’s ankle was shocking!

Life On The Festival Circuit!

TV appearances, Mardi Gras parades, photos with fans, and dancing on big stages, little stages, and no stages - never a dull moment!

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Madame Gigi's Cancan goes above & beyond from the very beginning. The performers don't stop at stage edge and audiences are always thrilled for the opportunity to mingle and connect with the dancers as they rove the grounds between shows! Total commitment to excellence.

John Ertl

John Ertl

Milwaukee Bastille Days website

Exciting & extremely entertaining! Their performance enhances the audience’s appreciation for our event and it is my feeling that the Folk Ball would be very smart to invite them back on a continuing basis.

Mike Tuten

Mike Tuten

Madison Folk Ball website

Booking & Performance Information

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How Do We Book You For a Performance?

Saying “Hello, we would like to book you for a performance.” is a wonderful way to begin.

Where do you perform?
Anywhere we’re invited! Keep in mind, we are based in Dayton, Ohio, and you’ll need to pay the travel expenses.
Where do you get your costumes from?

Among her other talents, Madame Gigi is a skilled seamstress, and a hard taskmaster! We make all our own costumes.

I only have a small stage. Can I book a smaller group?

Yes, several of our choreographies can be done by a smaller number of dancers to fit a smaller space.

Meet Our Dancers

The faces and legs of cancan!
Madame Gigi
“All I wanted to do was kick up my heels and do a little dancing…where did all these other dancers come from???”
La Fille
“What I love about being a Cancan dancer? I only have to be able to count to 8…”
“I’m on hiatus right now, when I get back, there will be two of me!”
“I’m the sassy one.”
“If you’re looking for mischief, you’re probably looking for me!”
“I’m only doing this til I join the Rockettes!”
“This is one heck of a workout, and damn, it’s fun!”

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Feb 16, 2019: Voodoo Carnival- Covington, KY

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